S.# Name of NGOs Registeration No. Date of Estab: President G.Secretary Area of Operation Special Field Active & Inactive
1 Baanhan Beli DSW (S)/-72 12/03/1987 Javed Jabar Faiz Muhammad Junejo Tharparkar Education,Comuter, Health,CPI, Water MC,SM Active
2 Balak Institute for the development & Research (BIDAR) No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 08 13-04-2005 Kundho Khan/ (Kashif) Mamaz Ali Tharparkar Child Rights, Work shop, Seminar Active
3 Bajeer Welfare Association DSW (S)/-115 11/02/1986 Hayat Bajeer Ahmed Bajeer Mithi ,Dilo Health,Education Inactive
4 District Development Association DSW (HYD)VA/372 10/08/1992 Tharparkar Development Inactive
5 Development Awareness and Management National Resource (DAMAN) No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 16 20-5-2008 Verji Mal Mst Keshu Bai Tharparkar To work for the uplift of Communities Through Grass Root Level awairness Active
6 District Materity and Child Welfare association DSW (HYD)VA/ 562 01/10/1992 Tharparkar Health Active
7 Gothani Tarqiati Tanzeem Village Dead Sar DSW (HYD)VA/ 36 13/08/1998 Dead Sar Welfare Inactive
8 Gothsudhar sangat Bhadoor DSW(HYD)VA/ 04 12/06/1990 Muhammad Usman Muhammad Ramzan U/C Khetlari Education,Health, Water Active
9 Human Resource Development Organisation DSW (MPS) /30 22-06-1990 Ramsingh Sodho Anwar Nohri Tharparkar Education and Health Active
10 Karoonjhar Walfare Association DSW (HYD)VA/ 352 03/11/1992 Sikandar Khan Dr Shankar Lal Taluka Nangarparkar Education and Health Inactive
11 Khidmat-e-Khalaque Development Organization No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 07 13-4-2005 Abdul Latif Muhammad Haroon U/C Sobhiar Education,Health, Vac:Animal Active
12 Lila Hanicrafts Artisans Welfare Association Tharparkar @ Kaloi No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 18 30-5-2008 Mohan Lal Chetan Tharparkar To Develop the Thar Handicrafts Active
13 Makhdoom Bilawal Association Tharparkar DSW (HYD)VA/ 36 03/02/2005 Ashraf Samoon Arbab Naik Mohd Tharparkar Liabrary,Education Active
14 Marooara Co Ordination Counil DSW (HYD)VA/ 452 22-09-1994 Obhayo Junijo Mamo Vishan Tharparkar Net work of NGOs & GO Active
15 Maleer Welfare Association No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 17 28-5-2008 Nandlal Bhooromal Amra Tharparkar To Strive for Social Economic issue of Tharparkar Active
16 Meghwar Welfare Association Mithi DSW (HYD)VA/ 167 26-11-1986 Mithi, Community Welfare Inactive
17 Mithi Welfare Association Mithi DSW (HYD)VA/ 14 16-4-1985 Mithi Education Inactive
18 Nutrition Euducation and Enviroment Develoment Organization (NEEDO) DSW (MPS)VA/ 57 19-04-2000 Fateh Ali Abdul Rehman Tharpakar Inactive
19 Noujawan Welfare Organiation DSE (MPS)VA/82 25-08-2001 Muhammad Soomar Jalal Deen Taluka Nangarparkar Handicraft,Eacratio n Education etc. Inactive
20 Necessity of Education & Environmental Development (NEED) DSW (HYD)VA/ 36 11/01/2004 Dead Sar Welfare
21 Organisation for the Protection Local Resource No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 02 05/07/2003 Sayad Yar Mohammad Shah Qaim Nohri Nangarparkar Handicraft, Education awar ness Active
22 Parkar Resource & indigenous Skills enhancement (PRISE) No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 01 28-02-2004 M.Umer Thebo A.Latif Rahmoon Tharparkar Education and Health Active
23 Patient Welfare Association Chacharo DSW (HYD)VA/ 508 20-4-1995 Hospital Health Inactive
24 Patient Welfare Association Mithi DSW (HYD)VA/ 10 04/10/1985 Hospital Health Inactive
25 Patient Welfare Society Diplo DSW (HYD) 29-3-1986 Hospital Health Inactive
26 Thar Roshan Development Organsation Tharparkar @ Mithi No.DO-SW (Mithi)/VA/ 19 30-5-2008 Zulfiqar Ali Hindal Tharparkar To promote the Education Active
27 Ragistan Welfare Organisation DSW (HYD)VA/ 08 07/08/1996 Dr Sarwan kumar Govind Ram U/C Chelhar Dead Sar Welfare
28 Roshan Development Association DSW (HYD)VA/ 61 13-02-2001 Allah Dino Bajeer Muhammad Haroon Tharparkar Education ,Environment Inactive
29 Rural Resource Development Organisation DSE (MPS)VA/47 01/01/1999 Ali Muhammad Naseer Kumbhar Taluka Chachro Tree Plantation,Vaccinat ion, Handcrafts Active
30 Sanjhan Welfare Foundation No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 19 05/10/2007 Dr Mohan Lal Malhi Allah Bux Hingorjo Tharparkar To promote the Quality Education Awareness Active
31 Skill Enhancing & Research Home of Children No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 19 05/10/2007 Partab Shewani Vijay Sharma Tharparkar Environment of the Youth Leading to the path of their Active
32 Sojharo Developent Association Mokhar No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 03 29-07-2004 Usman Junejo Kaloo Junejo Mokhar Education Inactive
33 Tharparkar Phlanthopics Forms No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 19 09/29/2007 Arbab Taj Mohammad Muhammad Ramzan Tharparkar Universal primary Education Active
34 Tharparkar Servants Association for Technical Help (Thar SATH) No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 50 20-10-1999 Dr Lekhraj Gotam Rathi Tharparkar Menarty Home,Health, Santation,Relief etc Active
35 Tharparkar Social Organisation No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 53 10/12/1999 Mama Vshan Thar Dileep Tharparkar Blood Bank,Ambolance, Health Active
36 Thar TB and Welfare Society DSW (HYD)VA/ 341 12/10/1991 Tharparkar Health Inactive
37 Thar Welfare Council DSW (HYD)VA/ 377 15-10-194 Obhayo Junijo Saindad Hingorjo Tharparkar Water, Capaciy Buildng Active
38 Thar Sujag Development Organization No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 19 10/26/2007 Akbar Dal Arbab Rafque Tharparkar Imorant Problem of Thararkar Active
39 Thar Rural Education & Envronment Society (TREES) No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 04 29-12-2004 Lemoon Mal Qeemat Rai Taluka Diplo Education and Health Active
40 Thar Social & Economic Welfare Association No.EDO(CDD Mithi)VA/ 01 03/04/2003 Ayaz Bajeer Sher Mohammad Junejo Tharparkar Water,Blood Bank,Social awarnees Active
41 Universal Social Development Organization (USDO) Tharparkar No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 10 08/09/2006 Mr Ramesh Kumar Munesh Kumar Tharparkar To efforts the Development for Education Active
42 Veenjhar Welfare Organisation DSW (HYD)VA/ 491 07/03/1995 Khalid Mahmood Muhammad Umer U/C Kaloi Education,Vocationa l,Family Planing Active
43 Village Development Organization DSW (HYD)VA/ 49 07/09/2004 Shaf Muhammad Essa Village Malihar Education and Health Active
44 Village Development Association Tar Dos No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 11 05/15/2007 Noor Muhammad Ali Nawaz Vllage Tar Dos Taluka Chachro To take efforts the Migration during the Drught / Femine Active
45 Village Development Association Poserko DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 02 08/05/2004 Akber Ali Dars Allah Bux Junijo Taluka Mithi Water,Health, Education Active
46 Water Rular Development & Social Welfare Organization (WRDSWO) No.DO-SW (Mithi)/ VA/ 09 05/30/2005 Akber Ali Muhammad Soomar Tharparkar Mother & Child Health, Family Planing,Hand Pump,Social Activity Active

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